Graphic Design

We provide graphic design services as well! Look below for a list of services we provide and feel free to contact us for more information. Our in house graphic designer is here to work with you! She is an efficient perfectionist, who emphasis on following the needs and concerns of her customers. With an experience of over a decade on software programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and vCarve. She is surely to meet your demands


Need a logo to brand your business or yourself? Our graphic designer will take in different factors and specifications and supply you with a range of rough thumbnails to choose a design direction. She will then modify and finalize the design of your choosing to be delivered in both jpeg and svg formats.

Signs, Banners & Posters

We can design and print custom signs, banners, and posters in a variety of materials. You can find more about material options and maximum sizes under Large Format Printing. Whether you need a durable wooden sign for your shopfront, a back-lit or poster display for a window, or a banner to wave overhead for any sort of event, we have you covered.

Design Layouts

Just because we don't print it here doesn't mean we can't design it. We can design anything from brochure layouts to website assets and layout design to business cards to advertisements. Our graphic designer will work with your to meet your design needs.

Print Preparation

This service is fairly standard and part of our regular printing routine. We size art to the requested reproduction size and add any bells and whistles needed for the art to hit production such as tear marks for watercolor, marks on where to stretch a gallery wrap or enough of a border to stretch of matte a particular piece. We also create the wrap portion of gallery wraps in a variety of ways. You can learn more about gallery wrap creation in our blog. Layout is key too. We often rotate and position artwork for the best yield on the desired media.

Color Proofing

Every printer is a little different. When provided with an original artwork, digital file, or existing proof to match to, we can make adjustments to the digital file to make it match if not perfectly (in the case of some metallic paints that have slight color alterations based on viewing angle), very closely. We can also make modifications away from the original if there happened to be a color that was slightly off or an imperfection in the art or scan that you didn't want present on the reproductions.

Virtual Frames

American Moulding is happy to provide virtual mock-ups of finished projects whether it be to make a final frame decision or to display a product on your website or online store. It is not limited to frames either. We can virtually reproduce layered mats, gallery wraps, and other display methods as well. You can find many examples of these virtuals in our gallery.