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Standard Pricing

At American Moulding, every product we make is customized to the size and materials you need. While we do not have a set price list, please see some estimated standard pricing below. For inquiries about specific pricing, please send an email.

           PAPER PRINTS                                            SPECIALTY SUBSTRATE                                   GALLERY WRAPS

        Luster (8x10): $8.30                                   3/16" Acrylic Print (8x10): $42.84                         1/2" Bar (8x10): $34.75

         Matte (8x10): $7.20                                           Metal Print (8x10): $31.13                               1.5" Bar (8x10): $40.40

     Watercolor (8x10): $11.96

                            *This pricing is an estimate only. For more accurate pricing, please send us an email.*


We offer a wide variety of products with unique attributes of each. Please see below for the product that best matches your need.

Paper Prints

  • Luster: These prints have a shine to them similar to a photo paper. These prints include a 1/2" white border unless otherwise stated.

  • Matte: These prints do not have a shine. They also include a 1/2" white border unless otherwise stated.

  • Watercolor: These prints are printed on a fine art textured paper. They include a 1/2" white border unless otherwise stated. The edges of these prints can also be deckled (ripped).

Specialty Substrates

  • Acrylic Prints: These prints are printed on 1/8" acrylic or higher depending on the size of the piece. The larger the piece, the thicker the acrylic that will be needed for printing. Each acrylic piece is hung with standoffs that are included with your order unless the print is being framed.

  • Metal Prints: These prints are printed on a brushed aluminum piece. These pieces come ready to hang with a backer of MDF adhered to the back with a wire.

Gallery Wraps

  • These prints are canvases stretched on either a 1/2" or 1.5" stretcher bar. Options for the wrap include an extension of the image, a mirror of the image, or a solid color. All gallery wraps produced at our facility are stretched by hand.



American Moulding has a wide variety of stock mouldings in house and hundreds of different moulding samples on display that we can order from various well-known vendors such as Universal Arquati and Delta Moulding. We have both poly and wood frames to fit all budgets. Since we order our own moulding and cut and join frames in house we can accommodate any size of artwork and even stack multiple frames inside each other for a unique, custom look. Because of the diversity of framing options we provide, we do not have standard pricing for our framing options. If you would like to make an appointment to come in and design your order, we would be thrilled to have you come in, take a look, and we can provide quotes to you while you are here!

For in-house moulding options, please allow 1 week for completion.

Should moulding need to be ordered, please allow for 2-3 weeks for completion.

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