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Banner Assembly

Our Oki can print on heavy banner material and we have the know how and tools to take the finished print to completion. We have a grommet press in house and can customize the grommet spacing to your preference or the size of your banner. We also have a welder for clean, professional seams.

Canvas Stretching

At American Moulding we make all our own stretcher bars and stretch our own canvas in house. This allows us to guarantee the best fit for all art that passes through our doors. Our stretcher bars comes in three sizes: 1/2 inch thick, 1.5 inch thick, and 2 inches thick.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for order completion.

Art Protection:

Finishing Sprays

We offer three varieties of finishing sprays which both protect art on materials like canvas and wood, but also add an extra touch to some pieces. Our sprays are available in matte, satin/semi-gloss, and gloss.


Using our WideTek 36ART we can scan rigid art up to 36 inches wide by any length and rolled media of any size! The scans are true to color and high resolution!

Etching & Acrylic Fabrication

Our laser cutters can etch images or logos into mats, plaques, or acrylic. It can also precisely cut shapes out of a variety of materials. We have used it to cut out things from acrylic butterflies to tiny, ornate clock hands. Our max table size is 55 x 35.5 inches.


Our IEcho CNC can route almost any rigid material to custom shapes and sizes. It can crease and cut as well allowing it make precision shapes in thin materials as well as create custom boxes. Our maximum table size is 96 inches by 48 inches.

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